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What is CIA?

A real-time window into the open source world

Instant Notification

Do you collaborate with other developers over Internet Relay Chat? How often do you find yourself wondering what the other developers are doing right now? How many people in your project need to know immediately when new code is available to test or critique?

CIA can send an IRC bot to your channel to instantly report the progress made by you and your peers:

     <CIA-5>  jupiter * r9203 xchat-gnome/buildsystem.diff:
              update for new plugins
     <staz_>  what are the new plugins?
<purple_cow>  nothing functional yet
<purple_cow>  working on 308765 and 320477
     <staz_>  ok
     <staz_>  thanks

Broadcast your Progress

CIA stores the changes it receives, and creates a web page for each of your projects and each software author. These web pages have some statistics, and they show recent progress.

Each web page is accompanied by an RSS feed. With these, your users can track development as it happens. You can even syndicate these feeds on your project's web site or your own personal site.

Join the Community

Because CIA tracks thousands of projects, you aren't just setting up a notification bot: you're joining an established community.

  • Any other user can syndicate projects or groups of projects on their own IRC channel.

    Do you run a distro, or maintain a library? Use CIA to keep an eye on the projects you depend on and the projects who depend on you.

  • Your commits show up in a central IRC channel, #commits on Azuru.

    Users and developers gather there out of curiosity, to find something new, or just to watch in amazement as the open source process works.

  • Show up on CIA's Front Page.

    New projects get a free fifteen minutes of fame, but you'll have to work to maintain a top activity ranking.

  • What's related?

    CIA shows you the common threads between projects. You like someone's code? Find out what other projects they work on. Just heard about a new distributed revision control system? See what people are using it for in the real world.

Easier than Ever

To add your project, you'll need either:

  • Any public Subversion repository

    (For instant notification, you also need a way to send a ping e-mail to CIA any time a change is committed. You can use an existing commits mailing list, or a very simple post-commit hook.)

  • A hosting provider like SourceForge.net, Gna!, or GitHub which includes built-in CIA support

  • A CIA client script for your project's revision control system

You'll also need a CIA account. Register an account if you don't already have one, then add your project.